About IOTC Group

IOTC Group is one of the largest privately held multinational company having its footprint in wide spectrum of segments including infrastructure, energy, commercial and engineering.

IOTC Group combines the efforts of our highly skilled team, along with strategic planning of our think tanks and innovative use of high-end technology to execute the most complex projects be it in infrastructure or Energy sector.

IOTC Group intends to strengthen its position as a private sector company serving the public interest. We continue to work on our international expansion in strong growth markets, including sustaining our leadership in airport activities, infrastructure development and expand our energy segment, including renewables and specialist niche activities

We have presence in Middle east, South east Asia, South Asia and Europe and expanding to African continent as well on numerous projects.

  • Board of Directors

    IOTC board of directors come from varied rich background and provide there decades of experience for shaping the organization.

  • Advisory Board

    IOTC Board and leadership has set up an expert advisory committee for guidance and advice on strategic and policy matters.

  • Leadership

    Our leadership team consists of individuals with extensive experience and expertise across diverse businesses including energy and infrastructure.



The following chart presents our portfolios

Oil & Gas Sector 9%
Infrastructure 46%
Investments 42%
Renewable energy 2%
Media 1%
  • 9%
    Oil & Gas Sector
  • 46%
  • 42%
  • 2%
    Renewable energy
  • 1%