Employee Motivation & Engagement

Employee Engagement

At IOTC free and transparent communication between management and employees is embedded in our work practices and work culture. We use survey tools to measure from our employees views on a range of topics including employee engagement and the degree of affiliation and commitment they feel for the company. We ensure confidential expression of opinions about our work processes, culture and practices.

We are committed to building a competent and diverse background workforce without any barriers to race, culture, religion or sex and to promote and inculcate an environment in which every employee has the opportunity to excel based on his or her abilities. These are the IOTC's basic principles encouraging engagement of employees.


IOTC as part of their policy create and maintain diverse workforce representative of the numerous geographies where we do business. Our Worldwide Diversity program is the foundation for this approach. We strive to attract, develop and retain a competent workforce, from the widest possible pool, to meet our business needs worldwide.

Employee Growth & Leadership development

Our wide range of business activities at world-wide locations demand leaders who can effectively collaborate and work in a complex global business environment . We ensure a well-tailored and focused efforts across all our geographic locations to ensure that our future leaders are identified early, tested in challenging work environments with increasing levels of responsibilities, We ensure they are well trained and groomed through a comprehensive and effective leadership development program.