Thinesh Ganeshakumaran

Thinesh Ganeshakumaran

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Thinesh Ganeshakumaran is the quintessential strategist and business specialist with interests in a variety of key industries including Aviation, Agriculture, manufacturing, banking and finance, leisure, plantations, lifestyle, healthcare, consumer and renewable energy generation.

He has over 10 years of experience in building formidable businesses through unmatched strategic foresight and extensive governance experience gained through membership of the Boards of quoted and un-quoted companies

Mr. Thinesh Ganeshakumaran is Director in the following companies :

  • IOTC Group – Europe, Asia & Africa
  • Air Serendib Aviation ( Pvt ) Ltd – Sri Lanka
  • Serendib Power ( Pvt ) Ltd – Sri lanka
  • Treasure Venture Capital ( Pvt ) Ltd – Sri Lanka
  • Serendib Asset Management LLC – Dubai
  • Finglobal ( Pte) Ltd – Singapore