IOTC Integrated Report

With our years of sustainability practices & commitment to social and environment causes coupled with our financial sustainability, we look for forward towards a successful future.

Our performance in each critical area demonstrates how IOTC is adding value to its stakeholder as a leading international construction and energy management company, we play crucial role in creating long term sustainable value for human society. Our niche area is execution of construction projects, energy and aviation projects spread across the globe. We carry out projects and activities at worldwide locations from the Middle East to Europe, Africa and Indian sub continent.

We are aware of our responsibilities as a business entity and realize that IOTC's ability to sustain and further growth depends on the existence of harmony between environment, human society and countries’ economies. Diversification is part of our economic sustenance model and in line with that in addition to our core business, we also are into financial and media businesses and looking at further diversifying our portfolios.

At IOTC prudent governance with some integral pillars like risk management, work transparency, ethics and anti-corruption practices are foundation of our work culture.

Our corporate social responsibility and community services demonstrate our inclusiveness. Further our motivated and energetic work force including our leadership, professionals play a pivotal role in creating bond between the societies we work and live and create the synergy with the local communities. Our special program for inducting women called "empower" is specially crafted to empower women in our society.

All IOTC business activities are driven and overseen by the Board of Directors who ensures the best interest of our employees, the environment, company and its stakeholders. The senior leadership always strives to preserve the reputation and profitability of our organization, ensuring our basic values, working principles and code of practice, which ensures that all our activities shall be executed with utmost integrity and in full compliance to all regulatory bodies. At IOTC we have zero tolerance to bribery and corruption, including gifts.

IOTC group is a company, which is conglomerate of multiple companies having niche specialty in their core areas ranging from construction, energy, maintenance and aviation etc. which they have created their footprint and have withstood time. Our organizational structure is defined through the Board of Directors, which is the company’s main governing body. We stick to sound principles of professional corporate governance; the board oversees the group’s organization and management of business.

Taking calculated risks within the Energy, aviation and Engineering& Construction Industry is part and parcel of doing business. All of our projects are technically challenging demanding risk assessments at various stages right from the concept development, which evolves into complex detailed assessments until execution. This is our key to maintain our leadership and sustain in the competitive environment.

With our expanding global operations and ever increasing boundaries of our geographical areas, we continuously ensure to comply with our risk management framework. We conduct regular trainings and workshops for our senior management and project directors to make sure the risks that could affect our reputation and environment etc. are as low as reasonably practical and strictly as per the regulatory norms