Operations & Maintenance Division

The primary aim of our O&M team is to ensure safe, smooth and uninterrupted movement of users and air traffic on the Airports, including prevention of loss or damage thereto, during normal operating conditions.

Our ARFF Team which consists of well-trained firemen, doctors, Crash Fire Tenders and Ambulance vehicles is tasked with ensuring minimal disruption to movement of users and flow of traffic in the event of accidents or other incidents affecting the safety and use of the airport by providing a rapid and effective response.

Our O&M team ensures operations and periodic maintenance and FOD removal of all Aeronautical assets including Runways, Taxiways, Aprons, approach areas in accordance with relevant ICAO laws. The team also takes care of routine running maintenance including prompt repairs of cracks, joints, drainage systems, embankments, structures, buildings, pavement markings, signaling systems, communication systems, Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL), MET installations, road sings as well as ensures management of wildlife and birds on the airside.

Our O&M team maintains a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in all the areas of the Airports including the Passenger Terminal Buildings, Lounges, ATC Towers and takes all measures relating to fire precautions in accordance with relevant ICAO standards, Applicable laws and Good Industry Practices.


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The IOTC Group is a leading company in the Airport Development Sector. Our competences include construction of new airport infrastructure, renovation and extension of existing infrastructures . .

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