Wave Energy

As part of IOTC’s commitment to environment and to provide community a clean and cheaper energy alternative against fossil fuels, we have embarked on renewable energy journey. With our technology partner from Finland, we are capable and specialized in designing, building and operating wave energy power plants. With projects starting from 10 to multi MW as per the requirements the wave energy provides clean and renewable source of energy. Since waves are present always, wave power is more consistent and sustainable in electricity generation as compared to other renewable energy sources. They can be a good source of energy generation for off grid coastal areas and islands of seashores.

Our technology is totally unique. It is the only one that converts waves to electricity directly with continuous rotational movement (in comparison to back and forth movement with discontinuity). In a floating element based on shape, motion energy is directly captured by a generator, resulting to direct conversion from motions to electricity without hydraulics, joints or gears. All parts are sealed inside of the floating hull.

IOTC is negotiating multiple opportunities to install Wave Energy in many parts of south East Asia and India. The renewable energy market is healthy and shows a continued growth trajectory in the coming years and now is the ideal time to capitalize in wave energy.

Some Competitive Advantages we enjoy are

  • Off the shelf components
  • Towed to site
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Proven durability
  • Scalable

We have a dedicated team of experts with broad experience in developing and commercializing clean energy technologies as well as growing scalable businesses internationally


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