IOTC Strategy

IOTC is a mid-market, value-added infrastructure investor in Europe, Middle east and Asia We believe this segment to be uniquely attractive in terms of providing investors with opportunities for value creation and downside-protected returns.

Using our sector specialisation and decades of investment experience, IOTC’s investment strategy focusses on identifying areas of growth. We then capture this opportunity through platform investments and complex buyouts to create long-term infrastructure assets.

Investment criteria

Investment size

€01m - €50m

Deal type

Invest in real economy.


Asia, Europe & Middle east


Essential infrastructure, Renewable Energy

Hold Period

Three to eight years


Support transition to a carbon neutral economy


Contact Us

IOTC Investments S.C.S.
Rue Schiller 9
L-2519 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


Tel: +352 27 676 012


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