Dwellings & Specialized Residences

The Group positions itself in all types of residences in order to meet the needs of communities and the growing demand for these innovative products.

It thus intervenes in the construction of family housing, tourist and business residences, residences for the elderly or students, and on behalf of its investor, private or institutional clients. Quality housing is the Group's specialty: choice of sites, enhancement of indoor and outdoor spaces, architectural quality and landscaping treatments are at the heart of its approach for a supply of sustainable housing , in line with the needs and expected developments on the territories.

Mixed urban programs

Often initiated on the initiative of local authorities, mixed urban programs meet the challenges of economic and social development. The objective of these programs is to better shape a pleasant neighbourhood, in which mix housing, shops, office spaces, health centres, sports and socio-cultural complexes.

The diverse expertise of the IOTC Real Estate enables it to offer a global offer combining urban quality, functionality and environmental integration. Whether in housing, retail, corporate real estate or public facilities, the Group offers long-term support to communities, from programming to delivery of works, including legal and financial arrangements.


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