The Cockroach

The place of the story happening is a dust heap (where rubbish from all over the city is thrown) of a city.

There lives our here cockroach along with his family, and cockroach eating lizards family. The story involves the struggles of cockroach to protect itself and its family from the lizards.

Hero cockroach finds a Wrist watch which frightens the lizards randomly, when approached for eating. Then the cockroach group accept the wrist watch as their God, who protected them from the lizards. One day the wrist watch was taken away by some people. The hero cockroach travels to city in search of wrist watch (their God), and returns to their own place with his lover (heroine).

  • The story is full of fun.
  • This was 100 mins. 3D animated movie for theatrical release with 4K resolution.



‘The crazy crow’ is episodes of one minute funny gags, with crow as main character. Planning more than 250 episodes of one minute with different scripts . . .

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