Joo Joo

Joo-Joo, an adventurous, accommodative with jocular and jovial parentless ragamuffin, in a beautiful village by name ‘Athikulam’ is in the hearts of one and all ankle biters to geriatrics. The sudden comeuppance happened one day to joo joo due to the villager’s unsound judgment, coupled with solitariness forced him to vacate the village.

His sanguine aplomb to catch his consanguinity made him to reach the neighborhood megapolitan place by name ‘Thimeri’ in where he is cared comfortably by an affluent Dramaturgist cum thespian and school nun and in turn joo joo lent a hand through engaging himself in various plays.

His bustle soon made him to get acquainted well with the inhabitants from plebeians to Patricians. Joo Joo’s continual search for finding his primogenitors and kind reships turned into a fiasco, and in turn he started treating both animate and inanimate beings equally as his kinships. During this new life, joo joo had to encounter oftly a well groomed Mo bike lifter by name Raju and unheralded entanglement with a coterie and such frequency crossing between them led to altercation and eventual zed with the support of the Head Constable to apprehend Raju for his misdemeanor. The precipitous escapement of Raju from jail and finding his true-selfdom as detestation by his cater fellow men culminated him to relegate a prodigious incumbency to joojoo with fortuitous revelation.

  • The product is for Theatrical release with 2K resolution.


Crazy Crow

‘The crazy crow’ is episodes of one minute funny gags, with crow as main character. Planning more than 250 episodes of one minute with different . . .

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